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An International Network is a member of an International network of classified ads portals that deal with second-hand goods, cars and property. We are proud to have a large presence in Europe, with sites in Spain,, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy, More than 6 million users visit us every month across our global network, with our portals helping people in Germany , France and the UK , to find the best bargains on the Internet. The Americas are now represented by their own unique versions of our site. Australia with USA with, Canada with, in Argentina with, in Mexico and recently in Brazil with .We are also in africa with for South Africa and in Nigeria. With representation now in multiple countries, including the smaller nations of Belgium the country of our headquarters with, Austria with and Ireland, with, we are a brand that looks to the needs of every country on a specific basis. New countries are now part of our spanish network, such as Colombia, Peru , Chile and Venezuela We also start developing our network in Asia Pacific with the arrival of Singapore and Japan.