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for-sale.in, the portal for great bargains

for-sale.in is more than just a classified ads website. It's a search engine that allows you to search through ads from all sorts of internet sites. This means that you don’t have to waste hours of your time scouring innumerable websites: from now on you can search through over 40 million ads on one single website.

The for-sale.in multi-search function

When you search for an ad on for-sale.in, the search engine locates the best offers that match your search terms from amongst the largest second-hand websites in India: eBay.com, ...

This feature enables you to find the best deals without having to surf from site to site, thus saving you precious time.

Start your search and for-sale.in will take care of the rest:

Create alerts and don’t miss a single new ad

For specific searches, for-sale.in allows you to create alerts. The moment a product you’re looking for is published on the internet, you’re notified by e-mail!

Publish an ad in 2 clicks

for-sale.in allows you to sell better and faster. With nearly 1.6 million unique visitors per month, it’s the perfect platform for your classified ads.

The iPhone application: the power of for-sale.in in your pocket

Find all the for-sale.in features in the smartphone app:

With the mobile for-sale.in app, you’ll never miss out on a great deal again!

The for-sale.in “PLUS POINTS”

Innovation and service are the core concepts for for-sale.in.

Search more effectively by browsing through over 40 million ads on one single website

Selling has become quicker and easier:

for-sale.in, the portal for great bargains

Monthly traffic to for-sale.in amounts to over 1.6 million visitors, making it a real showcase for all your classified ads.

for-sale.in provides the platform for over 25,000 users per month to close deals, both buying and selling.

The for-sale.in search engine finds the best deals from the 40 classified ads appearing on websites in India.

for-sale.in, the revolution of the second-hand market.


For-sale.in is a member of a team of International websites that stretch from the Americas, across Europe and all the way to Asia. The European presence is so far the largest, including France, with site-annonce.fr. With an ever-growing number of visitors, our group of sites are now a very prominent force in the online second-hand market. This includes Italy, with in-vendita.it and the UK, via for-sale.co.uk. Our group also operates in some smaller countries, with the needs of those countries considered on an individual basis. Belgium is represented by site-annonce.be and Ireland by for-sale.ie. The aim of our sites is simple and has not changed since the first day; Make sure our users are only getting the finest deals on the Internet. Our unique and powerful search engines ensure this happens. In Spain you will find us on compra-venta.es and in Germany, gebraucht-kaufen.de. As mentioned previously, our team also stretches all the way to North and South America. USA users can visit used.forsale, and in Brazil there is now usadobrasil.com.br. With our large International contingent, our sites have developed into refined portals that only display the most appropriate of search results.

Please contact us via email for faster answer. Here is our local adress in India

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